Plastics Processing

Hyde delivers high-performance knives for the global plastics processing industry, covering all phases from compounding to recycling. Our extensive range includes knives for pelletizing, granulating, and blow molding, crafted to boost productivity and minimize downtime. With state-of-the-art in-house capabilities, we produce precisely engineered blades using premium materials like steel and carbide. 


Comprehensive Solutions

From the compounding of virgin plastic to the recycling of scrap material, Hyde's machine knives and industrial blades are essential for efficient and reliable operations. With decades of experience, we supply rotors for strand pelletizing, knives for underwater pelletizing, pelletizer bed and rotor knives, blow molding knives, granulator knives, and shredder knives.

Our applications engineering expertise ensures designs that extend tool life and enhance productivity. In-house sawing and laser cutting capabilities allow us to produce virtually any shape without expensive tooling, while our state-of-the-art heat treating equipment ensures top performance. Using premium materials like steel, carbide, stellite, and ceramic, we meet the stringent demands of modern processing requirements. Hyde knives offer improved productivity and reduced downtime, directly benefiting your bottom line. When you need to make the cut, Hyde blades provide cutting-edge performance.

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