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Hyde has been a trusted supplier in the tire and rubber industry since the 19th century, providing high-performance cutting tools essential for both automated and manual processes. Our blades are widely used in tire production and the manufacture of various rubber products, such as hoses and belts. With high-grade steel and expert heat-treating, Hyde blades meet the rigorous demands of the industry, ensuring superior performance and reliability.


Precision and Reliability

Hyde’s blades are integral to the tire and rubber industry, ensuring precision in both automated and manual cutting processes. Our blades are trusted by leading tire manufacturers and are essential in the production of hoses, belts, rubber floor mats, conveyor belts, and various rubber parts. With our high-grade steel and expert heat-treating, Hyde blades meet the rigorous demands of the industry, delivering superior performance and durability.

Our product range includes slitter blades, calendar blades, flexible skiver blades, guillotine blades, Spadone blades, bias cutters, shear blades, taper point blades, V-trim blades, pin vent trimmers, belt cut-off blades, slabber knives, mill blades, and hand knives. Hyde’s circular cutting knives are critical for processing industrial tire and rubber products, from cutting slabs for tires to slicing wide conveyor stock. Our hand knives, dating back to Isaac Hyde’s original workshop in 1875, continue to meet the most demanding applications. Whether you need V-trim and pin vent trimming blades for manual clean-up or large carbon steel butcher knives for slabbing, Hyde has you covered. Custom-made knives are also available to your specifications, ensuring you have the right tool for every job. Hyde blades deliver the performance and reliability you need to stay ahead in the competitive tire and rubber industry.

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