Circular Knives and Blades

Hyde's high-quality circular blades are renowned across a wide range of industries—from food processing to carpet manufacturing. Designed to meet rigorous demands, our blades ensure exceptional performance in various applications, delivering reliable cuts every time.

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The Hyde Difference

100% American Made

All of our blades are made on-site at our headquarters in Southbridge, MA.

Fast Quote Turnaround

Our full team sits at our US headquarters, enabling us to get you a quote in as little as 24 hours.

Best in Class Lead Times

With standard project lead times averaging 3-4 weeks, we can get you what you need faster than the competition.

In-House Controls

Heat treating, laser cutting, and a high tech quality control lab all in-house allow us to get our customers the highest quality products.

Tight Tolerances For Better Cuts

Our customers depend on high-quality blades. We maintain strict tolerances on flatness, runout, and bevel design to ensure our customers experience superior cutting performance.

Customize Based on Your Needs

With a wide variety of different steel options and the capability to create blades large or small, we can get you exactly what you need.


Hyde's Best in Class Circular Blades

Choose Hyde for your circular blade needs and benefit from our expert capability to craft custom blades tailored precisely to your operational requirements. Whether you need blades as small as 2 inches in diameter or as large as 54 inches, with thicknesses ranging from .008 inches to .750 inches, Hyde has the technology and resources to deliver. Our extensive inventory of various steel types and sizes ensures rapid production tailored to your material specifications.

Hyde is committed to excellence, offering top-quality circular knives and blades for a wide range of applications including cutting, trimming, slitting, slicing, perforating, scoring, and creasing. Leveraging our vast experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we guarantee the delivery of the right blade at the right price, precisely when you need it. Trust Hyde for unmatched precision and reliability, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Experience the superior quality and dependability of our blades—Hyde is equipped to meet your toughest challenges.

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Hyde's Full Capabilities for Circular Blades

Download our PDF overview to discover more about Hyde's Circular Blades. Don't see something on here that you need? Let us know!

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