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Hyde has been a leading supplier of textile cutting blades since the late 1800s, supporting all types of textile machinery with high-quality, durable blades for cutting everything from garment fabrics to upholstery. Our blades, crafted from superior materials and featuring an innovative hollow-ground knife edge, deliver cleaner and more efficient cuts. We ensure our blades meet rigorous standards with optimal steel, precise heat treatments, and exact machining, guaranteeing top performance and satisfaction.


100+ Years of Quality

Hyde has been a trusted name in the textile industry for over a century, providing cutting solutions for all types of textile machinery, from manual cutting equipment to fully automated production lines. Our blades are renowned for their reliability and durability, serving major manufacturers like Eastman, Beaver, Comet, Gerber, Gury, Investronics, Lectra, K.M., Kuris, Lightning, Maimin, and Wolf.

Whether cutting garment fabrics, carpet, or upholstery, our blades handle both natural and modern synthetic fibers with ease. Made from the finest materials and featuring our innovative hollow-ground knife edge, Hyde blades offer longer life, reduced downtime, and lower replacement costs. Our slitter blades, shear cutters, loom knives, die knives, bias slitters, guillotine, ledger blades, mill blades, and hand knives ensure superior performance. We use the highest quality steel, precise heat treatments, and exact machining to guarantee blades that exceed your performance expectations, providing unmatched value for your money.

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