Custom Fabrication

In addition to the many Hyde brand tools and products we manufacture, Hyde also offers Custom Blade Fabrication – we can design and manufacture to your drawing. If you can think of a knife or machine blade, we can probably make it.


Hyde's Best in Class Blades

Hyde excels in custom blade fabrication, offering a wide range of circular, straight, and other blades tailored to meet specific operational needs. With the capability to produce blades from 2 inches to 54 inches in diameter and thicknesses from .008 inches to .750 inches, Hyde ensures precision and quality across various applications, including cutting, trimming, slitting, and slicing.

Our extensive inventory of high-grade steel types and sizes allows for rapid production and delivery. Committed to excellence, Hyde leverages cutting-edge technology and extensive industry experience to deliver blades that enhance productivity and efficiency, making Hyde the preferred choice for custom blade solutions that meet the toughest challenges.

Our Process

Work with our Highly Skilled Engineers

Upload your drawings to get a head start on the process or schedule a call with one of our team members. Either way, we'll get you headed in the right direction for your custom needs!


Solution Development

Once we've discussed your needs we can begin working on designing your custom blades.

Material, size, and design are all customizable based on the application and your needs.

Need help redesigning or creating a solution to your unique cutting problem? No problem. Our in-house engineers can work with you to get a solution.


Final Delivery

In as little as 6 weeks your final delivery will be made, allowing you to use your custom made blades for your needs!


Case Studies


Hyde Saved a Plastics Processor 10% per year

After dealing with blade life-span issues, a large plastics processor approached Hyde to develop a solution for them.

Our engineering team evaluated their process and blade chemistry to determine a higher grade of blade with stronger abrasion resistance would help.

The outcome, over $60,000 in savings per year, and tool life increases of 45%!


Hyde 5x's Machine Manufacturer's Blade Cuts

A large machine manufacturer approached Hyde to double the lifespan of their current blades from 200,000 to 400,000 cuts.

Our engineering team worked with the customer to develop a longer lasting blade for their machinery. 

The results? New blades that last on average 1,100,000 cuts, more than 5x the original blades, resulting in significant gains.


Hyde Decreased Packaging Tears by 95%

A medical device manufacturer had a significant increase in packaging tears after changing plastic suppliers.

Hyde helped develop a new blade for them increasing both the depth and number of cutting slots.

The customer reported back a decrease in 95% of packaging tears, and a return to similar tool life despite the new plastics.

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