Pelletizer Rotor and Bed Knives

Hyde manufactures premium pelletizer rotor knives for a broad range of machines and brands, ensuring optimal pellet uniformity and minimal downtime. Our rotors, crafted from materials like carbide, Stellite, and D2 steel, enhance production efficiency and extend service life. With a vast inventory and swift lead times, we expedite production and reduce costs.


The Hyde Difference

100% American Made

All of our blades are made in our headquarters in Southbridge, MA.

Versatile Designs

Our designs accommodate a wide range of pelletizing process needs.

Minimized Maintenance

We design our Pellitizer Rotor Knives with easy-to-service features, reducing down-time.

High-Performance Cutting Edges

Our high quality cutting edges maximize production output and efficiency to ensure uniform pellet sizes

Exceptional Durability

Our Pelletizer Rotor Knives are made from premium materials enabling better durability and longer lasting blades.

Exceptional Reliability

Enable your team to reduce operational costs through the prolonged service life and reliability of Hyde's Blades!


Hyde's Best in Class Pellitizer Rotor Knives

Hyde is a leading provider of high-quality pelletizer rotor knives, serving a wide array of pelletizing machines and OEM brands including Accrapak, Automatik, and others. We offer rotor knives and bed knives made from materials like carbide and Stellite, designed for superior performance and durability.

Our rotor options, ranging from solid helical to bolt-on configurations, come in sizes from 2” to 40” in length. These rotors are engineered for prolonged use with minimal reconditioning, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Hyde also specializes in custom solutions tailored to meet specific operational needs, ensuring optimal performance in demanding applications. Whether you need replacement knives or complete rotor assemblies, Hyde delivers durable, cost-effective solutions that boost productivity.

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Hyde's Full Capabilities for Pelletizer Rotor Knives

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