Diamond & Abrasive Cores

Hyde produces top-quality diamond and abrasive cores for manufacturers making finished blades that cut tough materials like tile, stone, masonry, concrete, and more.  We offer cores with custom options such as center holes, pinholes, and diverse slot designs in many high-grade steels, ensuring durability and precise cuts. Hyde's cores deliver superior performance and reliability for all cutting applications, at the tightest tolerances in the industry.


The Hyde Difference

100% American Made

All of our blades are made on-site at our headquarters in Southbridge, MA.

Fast Quote Turnaround

Our full team sits at our US headquarters, enabling us to get you a quote in as little as 24 hours.

Best in Class Lead Times

With standard project lead times averaging 3-4 weeks, we can get you what you need faster than the competition.

In-House Controls

Heat treating, laser cutting, and a high tech quality control lab all in-house allow us to get our customers the highest quality products.

Tight Tolerences For Better Cuts

Our customers depend on high-quality blades. We maintain strict tolerances on flatness, runout, and bevel design to ensure our customers experience superior cutting performance.

Customize Based on Your Needs

With a wide variety of different steel options and the capability to create blades large or small, we can get you exactly what you need.


Hyde's Diamond & Abrasive Core Blades

Hyde specializes in high-quality core blades. These cores are designed to stringent thickness tolerances of plus or minus .0002 inches, highlighting Hyde's dedication to precision and quality. Hyde stocks high-grade tool steel in various thicknesses and materials to meet the diverse needs of the core market. Our customization options extend to center holes, pinholes, and a variety of slot designs.

Choose Hyde as the core supplier for your diamond and abrasive cores. Our solutions are engineered to tackle the toughest materials.

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