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Since 1875, Hyde has specialized in manufacturing top-quality hand knives and mill blades, trusted by professionals for precision and speed. Renowned for excellence, our products represent the best investment for craftsmen who demand the finest tools in the industry. Our Hand & Mill Knives are still made 100% in America.


Our Top Hand & Mill Knives


Square Point Knife w/ Safety Handle


Regular Square Point Knife - 8x1


Heavy Duty Mill Knife


Hawk Bill Knife


Square Point Knife


Flooring/Roof Knife


The Original Hand and Mill Knives

Hyde sets the industry standard with its comprehensive range of hand knives designed for a variety of industrial and safety applications. From historic designs still sold under the I. P. Hyde® brand to modern innovations like ergonomic handles, Hyde's products are engineered for precision and durability. The lineup includes specialized knives such as Roofing, Cable, and Skiver Knives, as well as Tire Cutting and Skinning Knives, which cater to diverse professional needs from agriculture to construction.

Hyde continuously adapts to evolving market demands by developing new knife designs to handle unique industrial tasks, ensuring their tools are essential for professionals across sectors like roofing, cable preparation, and insulation. Manufactured in Southbridge, MA, each knife is crafted to withstand tough conditions and maintain sharpness, with options for customization to meet specific user requirements. Hyde's commitment to quality, rapid production capabilities, and ergonomic design makes their hand knives the preferred choice for tradespeople seeking reliable and efficient cutting tools.

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Hyde's Full Catalog for Hand Knives

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