Hydraulic Hose Cutting

Cutting hydraulic hoses is a tough and demanding process. Hyde Hose Hog™ delivers top-tier hose cutting solutions with its range of circular blades and hand knives, tailored for precision and efficiency. Built from premium tool steel and engineered to exact tolerances, these tools provide reliable performance for all your hose cutting needs, ensuring clean cuts and enhanced productivity. Along with the Hose Hog™, Hyde also offers other solutions from circular knives to hand knives, made specifically for cutting hydraulic hoses.


Hyde Hose Hog™ and More

In the demanding field of hydraulic hose cutting, Hyde's Hose Hog™ blades provide unmatched performance and durability. Hydraulic hoses, known for their robust construction to withstand high pressures, temperature fluctuations, and repeated bending, present significant cutting challenges. Traditional abrasive wheels generate heat, smoke, and debris, potentially contaminating hydraulic systems. In contrast, Hyde's steel blades offer a cleaner, more efficient alternative by slicing through hoses without leaving residue.

Our circular knife blades, made from high-speed tool steel, come in smooth beveled, wavy scalloped, notched, and "Euro-slot" edges, each tailored for specific applications. The wavy scalloped edge, popular for its aggressive cutting action, excels in severing steel braiding with minimal operator pressure. This design is particularly effective for cutting hydraulic, pneumatic, polyurethane, PVC, and thermoplastic hoses. Hyde’s Hose Hog™ slitter blades and hand knives deliver clean cuts, reduced deformation, and easy cleanup, enhancing productivity and reliability. With options like bevel or wavy scallop edges, these blades handle the toughest hose-cutting tasks, ensuring longer-lasting performance. 

Wavy Scalloped Edge Blades

Notched Edge Blades

"Euro Slot" Blades

Hand Knives

Hose Hog™ Hand Knives for Hose Cut-Off Applications


Sometimes you need to take hose-cutting matters into your own hands. Our Hose HogTM line of hand knives offers maximum flexibility and portability. Repairmen, linemen, and maintenance departments alike use Hyde hand knives on their tool belts.

Three Hose HogTM hand blade configurations will ensure the right tool for the job:

Model # 20550 – A rugged and rubberized handle allows for a no-slip grip protected by a handguard and no-roll shape. This knife features a hollow ground .072” chrome vanadium steel blade with a 5° offset angle that allows for quick and easy cutting.

Model # 20600 – This rubberized handle, no-slip, textured grip knife has a serrated blade that allows it to easily cut through the toughest rubber or hose material. It’s made out of a hollow-ground .072” chrome vanadium steel blade with a 5° offset angle for easy cutting.

Model # 60118 – This multi-purpose, rubberized handle, no-slip, textured grip hand knife comes with a 1” chrome vanadium blade. Its precision hollow ground cutting edge and wavy blade edge design allow it to cut through many different types of rubber, hoses, and other materials without binding.

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