Abrasives are used every day in metalworking to grind, shape and polish raw metal into finished work pieces. Yet that very industry depends on metal blades from Hyde to function at the very heart of their products – slitting large rolls of abrasive sheet into finished products, and acting as the tool holder or tool body for many super abrasive products.


Abrasion Resistant Blades

Hyde’s expertise in crafting high-performance blades extends to the abrasive manufacturing industry, where our abrasion-resistant circular slitters play a crucial role. These blades are designed to convert jumbo rolls of coated abrasive stock into finished products like sandpaper, emery cloth, and abrasive grinding belts. Our collaboration with numerous abrasive manufacturers has enabled us to develop circular blades that withstand the rigorous demands of slitting materials used to abrade metal.

Precision is paramount, especially for thin specialty diamond saw blade manufacturers, where tight tolerance specifications are essential. Hyde's precision cores, often crafted from 4130 steel, meet the stringent requirements for diamond saws used in concrete and stone cutting. These cores are made from a specially developed grade of steel, heat-treated to maximize blade flatness and edge retention, ensuring successful diamond cutting edge integration. With decades of manufacturing experience, Hyde guarantees the performance of our diamond cores, providing the exceptional quality our customers demand. When you need blades that excel in durability and precision, Hyde delivers with a legacy of excellence and innovation built into every product.

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