ProEdge Circular Blade & Knife Sharpener

The ProEdge circular blade re-sharpener system is a safe, simple, and economical way to resharpen your blades. It utilizes long-lasting diamond grit-impregnated discs to return edges to near-original factory conditions.


Sharpens blades quickly while removing less steel

Anyone can learn to sharpen blades like a pro in less than 10 minutes

Reproduces a professional quality cutting edge

Produces a burr-free edge, single or double bevel

No loss of edge temper caused by poor grinding practices

Safety interlock system disables the machine

Benefits and Features of ProEdge Sharpener

This ProEdge circular blade sharpener runs on standard 120-volt electric power (220-volt machines are available upon request). The machine re-hones blades from a minimum of 100 mm/3.94″ diameter up to a maximum of 400 mm/15.75″ diameter.

It can handle any standard single or double bevel blade as well as resharpen our MeatMiser poultry blades (it’s currently unable to sharpen scalloped edge blades).


Pro-Edge Sharpener Brochure

Full Brochure

Download our PDF brochure to discover more about the Pro-Edge Sharpener. Don't see something on here that you need? Let us know!

Professionally Sharpen Your Blades In-House

Having the ability to re-sharpen blades yourself rather than sending them out will increase uptime and reduce costs. The ProEdge blade sharpener is an investment that truly pays for itself in no time!

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