Tire, Rubber & Leather

EP-RubberCuttingIsaac Hyde’s 19th century industrial peers included Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, Harvey Firestone and Charles Goodyear. And today, the companies that bear their names use the products that bear his. That’s staying power and that has to be earned by being a dependable supplier of quality products for generations!

Despite the inroads of automation, tire production still requires a lot of handwork. And in both areas, plant managers look to Hyde blades – from heavily automated machines that use circular blades to cut the raw material to technicians using hand pin vent trimmers to finish tires as they come hot from their molds.

You’ll find Hyde products used in the manufacture of so many other rubber items, as well. Hoses and belts, material for rubber floor mats, conveyor belts, and a variety of other rubber parts all go under one Hyde knife or another during the fabrication process.

s64180With decades of heat-treating and grinding experience, we understand the tough demands of these markets. You can get the right blade, made from the right materials kept in-stock, that will hold up under the harshest conditions you have while fulfilling your performance demands.

Some of the more common blades we supply to the tire, rubber and leather industries include:

  • Slitter blades
  • Calender blades
  • Skiver blades
  • Guillotine blades
  • Spadone blades
  • Bias cutters
  • Shear blades
  • V-trim blades
  • Pin vent trimmers
  • Belt cut-off blades
  • Slabber or butcher knives
  • Mill blades
  • Hand knives

Circular Knives and Blades

s64094Circular knives and blades are critical components to the successful processing of industrial leather and rubber products. Whether you are cutting slabs to be molded into tires or slicing wide conveyor stock into multiple widths or converting heavy stock into pulley driving belts, you can count on Hyde blades to do the job right.

Hand Knives

The original offerings to come out of Isaac Hyde’s workshop in 1875 were hand knives for the leather and rubber industries. Users today still look to Hyde to meet the challenges of their toughest applications requiring special hand knives for use cutting, slitting and trimming.

Trimming Knives and Blades

Tire and rubber operations continue to require v-trim and pin vent trimming blades for their manual clean-up processes and Hyde continues to be the leading supplier of these blades. And if you need Spadone bias cutters or skiver blades, you’re covered by the most dependable products in the market. Hyde truly understands the demands you place on these products, having served your needs for over a century.

Slabbing Knives

s64021Are you looking for large carbon steel butcher knives for cutting and separating of rubber slabs? You don’t have to look any further – you’ve found Hyde.

You can fill all your blade needs from one source. Circular knives, bias cutters, pin vent trimmers, mill knives, extension blades, handles and hand knives for every rubber cutting application – if you can name it, we can make it. And custom made knives can be made to your specifications – just send your print or a sample blade. When you’ve got the tough job to do, Hyde blades get the job done!