Hand Knives/ Mill Knives

s67829Hyde makes custom-tailored “tools of the trade” that professionals in many fields use to work quickly and precisely. Since 1875, the Hyde name has meant the best hand knives and mill blades your money can buy. In fact, every time an American workman picks up a hand knife to cut almost anything, it’s a good bet that knife was manufactured right here in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Many of the original Isaac Hyde designs are still produced and sold without significant change today, under the I. P. Hyde┬« brand. Yet over the years, dozens of new designs have been created to do highly specific jobs in the factories and on the jobsites of America. And even when a design doesn’t change, often the materials will, typically to improve durability and performance. One example of this type of design update is the introduction of ergonomic handles, which have taken traditional hand knife designs and made them user-friendly again.

Some of the more common knives and blades we make include:

  • Long point and short point knives
  • Square point knives
  • Roofing knives
  • Carpet knives
  • Cable knives
  • Skiver knives
  • Stitcher knives
  • Hook knives
  • V-trim knives

55050It would be impossible to list all the jobs Hyde hand knives and mill blades do. If you hack, pry, cut, shear, trim, slit or slice – virtually every material imaginable – then you need a Hyde blade. They work at everything from shoeing horses to trimming molded parts, from harvesting bananas to fabricating window shades, from making pottery to removing windshields, from installing flooring to cutting stencils and insulation. The list is endless and expanding every day as Hyde creates new knives to meet the new applications you develop.

Professionals from many industries use hand knives and mill blades. Some industries that depend on these tools include:

  • Flooring and carpet
  • Drywall
  • Roofing
  • Agriculture
  • Wood carving
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Cable prep and linemen
  • Stencils
  • Insulation
  • Leather and shoe
  • Tire and rubber
  • Converting industries

60030No matter what kind of blade or knife you may need, you’ve found the right source. Hyde hand knives and mill blades comprise the most complete line of industrial and safety hand knives in the world. Whenever you develop a new knife requirement, look to Hyde – either we’ve already made it or we’ll make you one right now, to your specifications.

Remember, when you have a special job demanding a special hand knife, Hyde gives you the cutting edge!