Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions

Hyde is a premier, American-based, blade manufacturer capable of producing industrial blades and knives for a wide range of applications. Our 150 years of experience make us the longest operating manufacturer of industrial blades and knives in the USA.


150+ Years of Building Trust

Hyde engineers and manufactures the sharpest, longest-lasting industrial blades and knives in the industry. We offer thousands of blades off the shelf with immediate delivery, as well as custom design and delivery for your application-specific blade in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Based in Southbridge, MA, we are owned and operated completely in the USA.

Customer Proven Excellence

Hyde products are rugged and built to stand up to harsh working conditions. Our blades hold an edge and stay sharper for longer than the competition. They're also designed for long use, capable of being resharpened. When performing a tough job and quality is critical the choice is clear, choose Hyde.

With Hyde, you’ll get a superior-quality blade backed up by our expert craftsmanship and stellar industry reputation. Our legendary quality control starts with exact engineering of the blade from the highest quality steels available.   

The continual process control through all operations assures adherence to strict tolerances. We also follow strong final inspection standards to ensure customer satisfaction upon arrival to their facility.


Sharper Out of the Box

Hyde blades are 20% sharper out of the box based on initial cutting performance compared to other manufacturers.


Longer Lasting

Hyde blades last 72% longer than the leading manufacturer of machine blades based on total cost per cut.


Years of Experience

All manufacturing is done in America within our 150,000-square-foot Southbridge, MA facility.


We manufacture blades to order quickly and we carry ample stock to cover even the largest orders. This allows our turnaround times to be some of the fastest in the industry. While our competitors can take months to get an order to you—we’ll do it in mere weeks.

End-to-End Control

We handle the entire process, from raw materials to finished blades and knives suited to each customer’s unique specifications. This in-house manufacturing gives us granular control over the process and real-time insight into our capabilities that our competitors lack. Our decades of manufacturing know-how and hands-on experience result in unparalleled quality.

Experienced Employees

The employees at Hyde are deeply invested in maintaining the company’s legacy of quality craftsmanship. Many of them have been with us for over 30 years, some spanning multiple generations of their families. Skills and knowledge are passed down from veteran knife makers to new hires, preserving traditions and values. This level of experience, loyalty, and expertise is almost unheard of today in the business world. However, it allows us to consistently deliver exceptional blades that uphold our sterling, century-old reputation for quality and high performance.


What Our Customers Say About Us

"Hyde engineers took the time to work with us to design and test the solution that helped us to make our operations profitable at our plant. They delivered prototypes in just a few weeks so we were able to test and go to production quickly"
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